October Read•a•thon

Hey blogger buddies!!! Do I have something fun to share or what!? Okay, so,  Megan and I are super excited about our upcoming MegaNerderie Creeptober Read•a•thon. I know it’s only mid-September but we want to get the wheels spinning. 

October, as we all know, is ultimately a 30 day build up to the creepiest day of the year. It’s impossible to flip the channels throughout October and NOT see a scary movie. Same goes for us book nerds. It’s impossible to NOT want to read scary books in the month of October. 

Our goal is to gather readers to participate by tagging and sharing their creepy book reads leading up to Halloween. You can read A book or multiple books or no books, but that would be counterproductive. 

We are super excited about this, so be sure to spread the word and join the Creeptober Readathon!

Tell me what you think!!


11 thoughts on “October Read•a•thon

      • Sounds like fun. The first Hell boy offs set at Halloween. You should add that to your list. I figured it out in April and now it will always be on my list at Halloween. It’s a perfect fit for those of us who want a less scary Halloween. I’d love to join you. A great book along these lines I found last year is The Gates by John Connelly. I’ve been saving the second book for this year.

  1. Let me guess – you’re American? I notice you all get really into Halloween 🙂 I get freaked out ridiculously easy, but it was my goal to try different genres this year… Hopefully I’m tough and join in this readathon, it’s a really good idea 🙂

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