Alliance {The Paladin Prophecy #2}


Published Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Author: Mark Frost
Pages: 352
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA

You can view the summary for Alliance here.

*I’m certain no one will read this but on the off chance that you do, I apologize for the lack of reviews. My grandfather passed a couple weeks ago, so I’ve been traveling like a crazy person. Also, I have been binge reading the Kate Daniels series and have 2 more books to complete before I do a group review. Just wanted to ‘splain myself.*

So, I could have sworn that I reviewed The Paladin Prophecy, but upon further investigations it seems that I did not. The long and short of it: The Paladin Prophecy was a really fun novel focusing a group of kids who find themselves knee deep in some crazy shit. They have these powers and they have NO idea who they can trust and it’s just so much fun! I mean, Mark Frost co-produced Twin Peaks for crying out loud. This guy knows a thing or two about crazy story telling.

The follow up novel, Alliance, did a fantastic job of carrying you from the unknown into the light. The truth starts to come out little by little and it is CAH.RAY.ZEE. I love when authors tie in historical figures to these science fiction story lines. Makes you think, “I wonder if stuff like this really happened.” Maybe not extreme genetic mutations, but secret societies who dabbled in science fiction like stuffs.

Anyway, I devoured this novel and have preordered the third installment. The Paladin Prophecy series has proved to be really exciting, twisty and turny, and -at times- downright funny. Read it! You’ll love it!

Happy reading, friends!!


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