That time I met Kristin Tubb…


You know how some people get star struck and fall over themselves when they meet actors? Well, I get author struck. I fan girl so hard that I could cry. This happened to me Saturday night, at the Flora-Bama, on my friend Felicia’s Bachelorette trip.

Picture this: *insert dream wavy things a la Saved By the Bell* I’ve come in from the beach and looking at Instagram, when I see a photo that Kristin Tubb {author of The 13th Sign, Selling Hope, and countless others} has posted. It’s a beach photo and her comment mentions Orange Beach, AL. Naturally I comment and long story short, we’re both in Orange Beach on bachelorette trips and both have plans to go to the Flora-Bama that very night. So, We exchange emails and figure out which outfit to be looking for and make a plan to meet. *end dream wavy things*

When I saw her I was all nervous, but I walked up and introduced myself {hoping I’d gotten the right black dress/gold shoed gal} and y’all ….she is THE nicest person ever! My only regret is that we didn’t have much time to talk. I think had we been in a coffee shop, without any prior engagements, we would have ended up BFFs or at least would have spent hours talking books. Either way, we managed to get a lot of convo in little bit of time. For example, I learned that: Her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, who Kristin got to interview in the 6th grade! {pretty cool}. She attended a writing seminar where she fangirled over Judy Blume, who was a keynote speaker. I told her about my love for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and might have even teared up a little? I’ll go ahead and blame the smokey atmosphere. Kristin mentioned a few author friends, whom I absolutely love and admire. I was so jealous. Still am….but I digress.

I swear we could have talked books for days. But the book I loved talking about the most was the one I’m currently reading: The 13th Sign by her…Kristin…Kristin Tubb…y’know THE AUTHOR I MET AT THE FLORA-BAMA *deep breath in, fan girl out* I was all, “OMG I’M FROM NEW ORLEANS AND YOU HAVE CAPTURED IT SO WELL…* insert endless word vomit*” Kristin is witty and sweet and it comes through in her writing. I’m midway through her book and can’t wait to finish it. She put so much effort into making sure she captured Nola’s quirks and she nailed it.

Anyway, I’m rambling at this point but I just want to say: Kristin, thank you for being so gracious and letting me hound you in the bar on Ashley’s bachelorette night out. You made this booknerd a very happy girl. I have already gotten confirmation from the boyfriend that we WILL be attending the SEYA book convention, where I’ll be sure to hound you some more.

PS. Go check out her novel! It’s so much fun!

PPS. I’m really tired from this past weekend….so if this post doesn’t sound coherent, then you know why. I just re-read this and it makes no sense. However, you get the general excited feel so I guess I nailed it.

PPPS. Check her out


4 thoughts on “That time I met Kristin Tubb…

  1. that is WAY cool. and I don’t even know who this author is! LOL But I LOVED reading this post! will check her out now!

    • Thank you!!!! I feel like I just gushed words that weren’t very coherent but talk about one of those experiences I’ll never forget! I’ll be reviewing her book soon. 😊

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