The Miniaturist


Published Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Ecco
Author: Jessie Burton
Pages: 416
Genres: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery

You can view the summary for The Miniaturist here.

I must admit that I pulled this book off the shelf based solely on the cover art. But can you blame me? It’s beautiful!! The story promised to be beautiful and it was; it was beautiful and mysterious and a little weird. Jessie Burton did a phenomenal job with incorporating historical facts with fantasy. All things considered, if you take away the magical aspect, this could have happened in 1687.

If someone asked me if I liked this book, then I would definitely say yes. If someone asked me to elaborate as to why I didn’t LOVE it, then I would have to say that there was an element of humanity that was missing. I felt disconnected. I was so wrapped up in the why’s of the situation, that I didn’t allow myself to be enveloped by the hurt. I was too focused on other aspects. But all of that aside, this was a good read. I liked the mystery, the magic, the history, the effort that went into this story, and the writing. Burton’s style is superb!

So, if you want to read a book about a teenager thrust into a world she never imagined could exist, then this is your novel!


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