A Clash of Kings {#2 A Song of Ice and Fire}

a clash of kings

Published date: 1999
Publisher: Bantam Books
Author: George R.R. Martin
Pages: 728
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure

*cue the angels rejoicing* I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED THIS APPLIANCE…er… I MEAN BOOK!!!! *siiiiigh* I almost lost all faith in bookmanity because this sucker was so hard to get through. The story was AMAZING but work got super busy and my home life got shaken by a dobie puppy who has siphoned all of our attention. I found it hard to find time to pick it up and when I did, I felt disconnected. I think I should’ve taken a break between 1 and 2. Consider this as lesson learned. I’ll be taking a break between 2 and 3.

I think everyone should read these books. Or listen to them. Whichever. Just don’t settle for only watching the show. The show is amazeballs but the books are better. So much better.

Sorry this review is so short but honestly, the book took so long to read that I’m over it. I have nothing more to say than: READ THIS. Original, right? You’re welcome!


8 thoughts on “A Clash of Kings {#2 A Song of Ice and Fire}

  1. I read all the books back to back and loved them, but I didn’t realise that the series wasn’t finished! And they are so convoluted that I know when the next one is published that I will have to go back to the beginning and start again as I will have forgotten who is who, who is alive, who is dead, who is deadish. And the longer it takes for him to publish the next one, the more I will forget.

    • This made me laugh! “Deadish” I totally know what you mean about being convoluted. I’m impressed that you could read these back to back. I was struggling for reals. But I’m definitely not going to abandon the series like a lot of people I know.

  2. These books take absolutely FOREVER to read but they are so worth it! I read ACoK two three? years ago now, and I remember having trouble getting through it too. I was warned beforehand that book 2 wasn’t as good as book one, but I still really enjoyed it! And JUST WAIT until you read book 3! Now THAT was a much faster read. I have book 4 sitting on my shelf but I’ve heard this one is slow, too… I’ll make time to read it SOME time! πŸ™‚

    • This is a great heads up!!! Thank you. It took me so long to struggle through book 2 mainly because 1 was so fast pace and exciting. I’m happy to hear book 3 is much better πŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing well, ma’am! Haven’t talked to you in a bit!

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