New family member

It seems that the puppy bug has bitten us. And the puppy has bitten everything else 😳 Here’s the ankle biter, clothes nipper, crate howling puppy we call Indiana aka Dr. Jones aka Indy. He’s a red doberman and will grow into a miniature horse when all is said and done.



PS. I’m STRUUUGGLING through The Clash of Kings but it should be finished this week. *insert fist pump a la D.J. Tanner* I’m still reading and should have the review up this week. Then it’s back to normal sized books for a while.

Happy Sunday, y’all.


13 thoughts on “New family member

  1. Aww he’s so adorable! How old is he? I have a 6 months old german shepherd at home myself who likes to destroy everything in his path as well. 😉
    I completely understand your struggle with The Clash Of Kings; I always have the same problem with the A Song Of Ice And Fire series. I’ve owned the fifth book for some months now, but I cannot bring myself to reading it just yet.

    • Awww sweet baby! What’s his name? He is 11 weeks old. Last night was his first night home and he was up every hour, on the hour. He went to the bathroom each time but howled with every recrate. I’ve got toothpicks holding my eyes open today. I don’t even want to think about his chew phase. I’m ready for him to be house broke.

      Yes!! It’s a great story but I have hit a wall. I think my mistake was reading it immediately after A Game of Thrones. I should have taken a break.

      • Aww still so young! And unfortunately many months of destruction still ahead haha. But with those puppy eyes it is hard to stay mad for long… 😉
        My dog’s name is Paco; he kinda came with the name because he is a rescue dog… Tornado would have been a better name though. 😉

        And I think Martin’s books should be read slowly and with a break in between; I at least experienced it that way. Even so, I remember not being able to read the fourth book in one go and finishing various other books in between.

      • Paco. I love it 🙂 Im slowly trying to gear up for the teething months. Right now I’m operation crate train.

        I think you’re spot on with Martin’s books. Slow and steady. I need a break after this one.

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