The Retribution of Mara Dyer


Published Date: November 4, 2014
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Pages: 470
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

You can view the summary for The Retribution of Mara Dyer here.

This has been a long, LONG journey for me. The Mara Dyer series was an accidental find, picked solely off of the amazing cover photography. Within the first few chapters of the very first book, I was hooked. Hodkin’s writing style is funny and clean. There’s no flowery prose or mile long descriptions; she tells it like it is. Many times throughout the series I imagined my friends and I having banter like the characters. It was really cool. The second book left you hanging like “OH HOLY SHEET BALLS I HAVE TO WAIT HOW MANY MONTHS TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS????”

The wait finally ended for me last night…er… this morning…around 12:45. While I loved the beginning and middle {I laughed and cried and cringed and shuddered}, I felt meh about the ending. Was it because too much time had passed between Evolution and this book? Did I lose my love for Noah and Mara? Did I become desensitized? I have no idea. All I know is this: The book could have ended for me long before the actual ending. I’m not one for overly dramatic books but I do like when authors break the norm of tying everything up with a pretty bow. I like loose ends sometimes. I like when books are tied up with twine instead of satin.

Michelle Hodkin, no doubt, satisfied MANY A READER. And don’t get me wrong, I love her writing. She writes suspense and anxiety like no other. Her ability to evoke emotion is fantastic. I mean, hell, I stayed up WAAAAAY past my bedtime {ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!!!} to finish this book. Partly because I wasn’t going to rest until I’d read the last work but also because I simply couldn’t put it down. There were parts that had me turning the page so fast, I thought I would rip the page from the book. {No books were harmed in the process, no worries}. This book definitely had its moments but at the end of the series I was a little underwhelmed.

I think you guys should give this series a shot if the summaries peak your interest. It’s pretty cool and has a lot of redeeming qualities. I’m at least glad to know what happens, regardless of whether or not I loved it.

Happy Reading, fellow nerds.


7 thoughts on “The Retribution of Mara Dyer

  1. So I bought the second book in the series (by accident; I thought it was the first. Noob) on sale at BAM. I have it waiting on my shelf. I just need to get the first book. I was also pulled in by the cover photography. So cool. Sad it wasn’t as great as you wanted it to be though. 😦

  2. Aw hell haha. I seriously hate when that happens. The covers are so haunting though, right? Just beautiful. You know, honestly, everyone BUT ME was happy with the ending. Truly. I encourage everyone to read this series bc it is actually really well written. But yeah, i was a little underwhelmed.

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