The 5th Wave


Published: May 7, 2013
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Author: Rick Yancey
Pages: 480
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic

You can view the summary for The 5th Wave here.

Let me start by saying, I began reading this book two months ago. It didn’t take me this long to read because it was a bad story. It took me this long to read because I was only reading at night and would crash before I could put down ten pages. ANYWAY! I picked it back up last night and didn’t sleep until it was finished. I regret nothing.

This was the first book of Rick Yancey’s that I’ve read and it will not be my last. His style is witty and fast-moving. He’s good at evoking emotions, creating realistic (albeit frightening) atmospheres and characters you cannot help but love. My ONLY complaint is this: Mr. Yancey didn’t leave his wheelhouse when it came to some descriptions. For the little one, Nugget, Yancey continually used “He could barely lift a rifle” as his way of stressing how small Nugget was. For Evan, a love interest, Yancey continually used “His eyes were like chocolate.” There wasn’t much variety. After a while, you kind of have to say, “yeah yeah yeah, I get it.” I mean, c’mon, shake it up a bit dude. Other than those two minor hiccups, this book was very entertaining.

Imagine your life normal one day and screwed six ways to Sunday the next. Aliens have found a way to whittle the human race down to a manageable size by way of Waves. The 1st-4th. Each more horrible than the next. This novel follows Cassie and her quest to survive the 5th wave. She just doesn’t realize the heap of shit she’s about to get herself into. Thank goodness this is fiction because it would suuuuuuuuck if this were real. There was a touch of insta-love but I’d rather call it Post-Apocalytpic-you’re-the-only-one-around-so-I-think-you’re-cute like, not love. Oh! And this is a dual POV novel. The transition is easy; it flip-flops from chapter to chapter. So no worries there!

So, if you’re looking for a novel with plenty of wtf moments, aliens who aren’t little green men, witty banter and an all around creepy concept, then this is your book. You’re welcome. One last thing: the sequel, The Infinite Sea was released in September. Yesssssssss. Happy reading, y’all!


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