Splintered {Book Review}


Published Date: January 1, 2013
Publisher: Amulet Books
Author: A.G. Howard
Pages: 377
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Retelling

You can view the summary for Splintered here.

Let me preface by saying this: I don’t like Alice in Wonderland. I don’t like stories or movies that make me feel like I’m on drugs. Have you ever felt a level of uncomfortability that makes your stomach ache and your chest heavy? Well, that’s what these types of stories do to me. They make me feel like I’m stuck at a sleepover with kids I don’t like, who keep telling ghost stories. *sigh* With that said, this book played tug of war with my feelings.

I started out not too sure about this story. I didn’t like the prose at first, I felt like it was a bit contrived. I was iffy on the premise and where it was going. I don’t like talking plants and bugs and people who are in mental institutions. But midway through I began warming up to the story and by the time the action started, I was hooked. Then I got near the end and I was just over it all. The twists and turns were making me dizzy and I was a bit peeved with the love triangle. BUUUTTTT …then the ending happened and I was all “I wasn’t expecting this.” And now I have to read the sequel.

You gotta love it when a book can change your mind from “I’m not reading the sequel because dumb” to “Okay, trip to Barnes and Noble for the next book because awesome!”

Oh and also, this book cover! You know you love it.

If you’re into books with a bit of love, a lot of psychedelics and a fairy-man you want to kick in the …. then this is your book.


4 thoughts on “Splintered {Book Review}

  1. You’re so right! It rarely happens that I’m not enjoying a book, but the last bit does a complete 180 on me, but when it does happen tis a beauty!

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