Ruin and Rising {Book Review}


Publish Date: June 17, 2014
Publisher: Henry Hold and Co.
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Pages: 417
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

You can view the summary for Ruin and Rising here.

Y’all, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I put this book down after I finished it and cried into my hands for tens of minutes. Not just because it was bittersweet but because it was over. I haven’t felt so emotional over a book since Code Name Verity.

*taps chin* Hmmm…What to say about this series that hasn’t been said already? I’m not sure. All I can do is gush! The world building is AMAZEBALLS! The magical element in this series is so much fun and unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved watching the characters evolve into the who they were meant to be over the course of these three books. There’s love and war and magic and Volcra. GAHHHHH. I just…everything…I love it.

Bardugo doesn’t let you off that easily though. She doesn’t tie up the ending with a pretty silky ribbon. It’s tied in a tidy twine bow, rather. But’s sturdy and it’s satisfying…just not perfect and that’s what makes this so, so good.

I will most definitely be reading this series again…and again.

Pretty sure none of that made sense but all I can say is…READ THIS SERIES. The cover art is bad ass, the story is hella good and Leigh Bardugo is cool as shiz so you know her books will be too.


16 thoughts on “Ruin and Rising {Book Review}

  1. Agreed! I don’t have enough good things to say to do this book justice…. it’s good beyond words.

  2. I too loved this series. It was one of those that sticks in your head for days after you finish the book. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the ending though. Still, I plan to read her spin-off series.

    I really wanted her to wind up with the prince or the Darkling. (even if he was the ‘bad guy’) But my main issue was her losing her powers. (She should have just lost her amplifiers) I really hated that dozens of people wound up getting them too. That made her powers less special and I can just imagine all the trouble those people would cause now.

    Sorry, I feel rather powerfully about this ending, because I liked the books so much and then I hated that one part.

    • *MEGA SPOILERS HERE* I completely get it! that’s one of the reasons I cried, Molly. I was sad for her loss. I mean, maybe that’s what Morozova wanted, for her powers to be shared but I don’t think she should’ve lost them. And I don’t think Mal should’ve lost his either. I felt such a loss for them (hence why it wasn’t a pretty ending). And while I loved the Darkling and Nikolai, she and Mal were meant to be. Talk about tension!!!

      Spin off series!?!?!?

    • *SPERLERS*

      Agreed, I wish the Darkling had gotten away somehow. And yeah, Mal was a little too squeaky clean (?) at times.

      But I’m praying this series *squeals with excitement* has more Zoya and Genya/David and gang. I loved them so much. They were so sharp and funny.

    • 😀 YAY!!! Read them. And when you do, let me know and I’ll read them again with you! Buddy read? Yay, I’m glad you’re able to tell hahaha. I think I make less sense when I review books I love! It’s more happy word vomit than coherent sentences, yeah?

  3. Oh, I cried too! I love, love, loved this whole series. I was surprised with how much I laughed during this book. There was such a good balance of humor and heartbreak, and even though the end left me a little raw, I think it ended the way it had to for the characters to be able to move on from all that happened.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Everything ended the way it had to end. I wasn’t overjoyed about it but I was content and could close the book without being disappointed. I laughed so hard as well!! Zoya was a surprising character for me- you loved to hate her. What a wicked tongue that one had.

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