Faithful Place {Book Review}


Published Date: June 28, 2011
Publisher: Penguin Books
Author: Tana French
Pages: 400
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Suspense

You can view the summary for Faithful Place here.

I’ll keep this review short as this is the third book the Dublin Murder Squad Series and I’ve already reviewed the first two. Basically, this book KICKED MAJOR ARSE!!!! Holy spicolli. I can’t even begin to even.

It goes without saying at this point but I’m going to say it anyway, French’s writing is by far some of the best I’ve ever read. She’s able to paint a picture for you so vivid that you forget where you are. Your inner voice becomes Irish and you lose grip on reality. Her character’s are dirty and gritty and true and crazy. I love them!!! The plots get better and better with every book, which is not always the case. Call me crazy but I believe this book was the best yet. I cannot wait to start the fourth!!

Anyway, short and sweet and gushy and whatever, I loved this novel and will read anything Tana French writes. Be it a grocery list, love letter, journal entry, whatever, I’m gonna read it. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend the Dublin Murder Squad Series to everyone who can read…except for the wee little ones maybe.


3 thoughts on “Faithful Place {Book Review}

  1. I love Tana French books too and have a copy of The Secret Place which is out in the UK at the end of August. I’m a scheduler but I’m having trouble resisting the urge to read it straight away.

  2. “Your inner voice becomes Irish” haha yes it does! I agree her writing is so amazeballs. I I can’t wait for the next one!

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