In The Shadows {Book Review}


Published Date: April 29, 2014
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Authors: Kiersten White and Jim Di Bartolo
Pages: 384
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Graphic Novel

You can view the summary of In The Shadows here.

This was my first ever graphic novel… and I think I like it. 🙂

First up, the plot. I really liked the story and the characters. Once I got invested {which took a few chapters}, I was unable to stop reading. This isn’t a whimsical book that takes its time to world build; it gets to the point as there really isn’t a whole lot of time to story tell. I loved how the pieces finally start to come together and when it’s over, you’re left smiling and going “Well played, Kiersten. Well played.”

Now, the art. IT’S GORGEOUS! Jim Di Bartolo did such an amazing job with the art and art story. I found it interesting that this book starts with an art story and then alternates chapters with the written story. Not gonna lie, it took me until dang near the end to realize what in the heck was going on in the art story chapters. I had my guesses and most were wrong but once I realized it, holy spiccoli….

The writing + the art = I’m a fan. This comes together beautifully in the end and I am so glad that this book was recommended to me {Thanks, Anika}.

If you’re looking for a book that’s visually pleasing, a little dark and full of twists and adventure, then this is your book!

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8 thoughts on “In The Shadows {Book Review}

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I haven’t even written my review yet haha. I’m so behind. Didn’t you love the ending?? The art story was crazy confusing the first time, because the years were progressing, so it couldn’t be the same guy! But then the end explains everything! I went back immediately and re-read the art story and everything made perfect sense. This is probably one of my favourite books now 🙂

    • Oh my gosh I loved the ending!! I literally went “oh thank goodness!” And you know what, I’m a) relieved you were confused as well and 2) gonna go back and just go through the art story. It was awesome.

      • I think I fooled myself into thinking I knew what was going on, but it was the bit with the train, tigers and sword when I really had to admit that I did not have any idea how the individual art chapters linked together, let alone the art and the story.

      • HAHAHA!!! I was so lost during the train, tigers, sword part too!! I was completely fake-understanding. It dawned on me at the end. *facepalm*

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