My reading game plan

I’ve never been one to need/follow a “game plan” but I’m thinking this month is the month. I read 14 books in April, which is great. However, May will be much slower. I’m in the middle of two books right now: While Beauty Slept and Anna Dressed in Blood. Once I’ve put these babies to bed, I’m going to attempt Dragonfly in Amber, book two in the Outlander series. It’s a cool 726 pages so I’m a little intimidated to say the least. Ah well, I have to know what happens next so whatevs. I would like to commit myself to reading the remaining Outlander books after Dragonfly but I can’t do that. I may need a break afterwards. We shall see!

Do y’all make reading plans or are y’all more of a fly by the seat of your pants readers? Curious to see how y’all operate 🙂

Happy reading, homies! Have a good weekend!


9 thoughts on “My reading game plan

  1. I make reading plans for the month, but it rarely works out. Lately I’ve been jumping on so many good BRs, that whatever I was meant to read gets pushed to the side. Oh well, as long as I’m enjoying what I’m reading that’s all I care about. Happy reading:)

    • That’s what happened with me this month!! Darn buddy reads 🙂 I hear you though- as long as you’re reading and enjoying it, then it’s all good!!

    • Haha! I get in a groove sometimes when I find the sweet spot on my TBR shelf. Do you set aside certain books to read or is it more of an idea in your head? I normally just close my eyes and point but this big ginormous huge series I’ve stumbled into has me screeching to a halt!! And yeah, we usually never follow our plans 🙂

    • You are doing awesome at 8!!! I just happen to be a speed reader sometimes. Except for now, the books I’m “planning” to read have me reading super slow. I have a TBR bowl but I pick and then keep picking until I find something I wanna read :p never works!! My plans always fail 😦

  2. 14 is superb! Congrats lady! I do make a plan but then get distracted by books with colorful covers and the occasional time-sensitive galley, haha.

    • Haha!! Well, thank ya! I have been on a roll but May is going to find me reading longer books thus not reading as many. But that’s okay. These behemoths need to be read!!! I need to read my netgalley books before they disappear!!!

      • I hear you! Just reviewed one that was about to be archived (glad I downloaded it awhile ago because I didn’t realize I was so close to losing it!).

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