Shameful Plug

I cannot believe it’s been since THANKSGIVING that I last posted. I have neglected my blog in the worst way. For that, I am so sorry…those of you who are still out there. Lots of things have been happening though! I have been reading and Christmasing and opening my etsy store!!!! Yay! 

Alright, let’s get started…
In the past month I have read the following

Krampus••• I didn’t love it. Maybe I love Santa too much or just didn’t care for the story itself but I wasn’t a huge fan. 

The Young Elites•• I loved it. Sort of Xmenish and I love the Xmen so there’s that. Plus there’s a kick ass female lead. 

Little Women••• it ruled as always. 

The Casquette Girls••• OMG I loved this book so hard. New Orleans. Well written vampires. Witches. Did I mention New Orleans? It was perfect. 

Illuminae••• Okay here’s the deal: this book would have ruled so hard had it been written like a book that didn’t need psych meds. The format was cool but I couldn’t latch onto the story. It switched gears too many times for me to be able to connect. Sad day. 

Nimona••• guys. GUYS!!! I loved this comic book/graphic novel with all of my heart. Funny, smart, cute, sarcastic, sweet, ALL THE THINGS. 

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat••• this was an excellent book! Way out of my wheelhouse but I blame Harvard. I bought this one one at the Harvard bookstore so I was feeling all smart and stuff. This is a heartbreaking look into the world of patients of Oliver Sacks. 

Okay. Yes. That’s all I think. Currently reading Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow. So far so funny. 

Christmas was awesome! Got lots of books amd awesome gifts and enjoyed my family immensely. I missed them. 

And lastly….

I finally took that leap and opened my very first etsy shop on Sunday. *flails* It’s called Quote & Quill. I take quotes, lyrics, verses, anything, and write them in calligraphy. I use mediums such as Bristol paper, watercolor paper, book pages, maps, sheet music, and various other vintage paper products. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’m also on Instagram @quoteandquill. Be sure to share and follow and all the things.  

Anyway, thanks for not closing down my blog, WordPress. Much appreciate hahaha. I’ll try my best to keep this site current. 

Peace out homies. 


A Thanksgiving Mashup

Hi, guys!! *waves* For all of my American nerds, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!! For everyone else, I wish you a Happy Thursday!!! 


The Old Corner Bookstore was the home of Ticknor and Fields from 1832-1865. This building saw the publishing of Alcott, Hawthorne, Longfellow, Twain, Emerson, and Thoreau to name a few. Dickens also did a reading of A Christmas Carol here when it was first published.

I just went to Boston with my hubby and friends so I haven’t posted in what feels like forever. The picture above was probably one of my favorites. I mentioned to our tour guide that I loved the old building that’s now a Chipotle. The information he provided blew my mind and made me stand in awe. The booknerd and history buff in me felt so sad that the integrity of such an important structure wasn’t upheld. Le sigh.

 Anyway, I wanted to post a quick, spitfire overview of the books I’m way behind on reviewing. Ready? Okay (to be said like a cheerleader)

The Martian by Andy Weir ruled so hard I couldn’t believe it took me a year and a half to finally read it. Weir is brilliant and Mark Watney is easily one of my favorite characters EVER. 

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater was so intense that I spent the evening sighing heavily due to all the feels. I love the world Maggie creates, and her characters are always a favorite. I also heard that this is slated to be a movie. *fangirls* 

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill was my first Hill novel and will certainly not be my last. Equally creepy and interesting, this book blew my brain box wide open. Also, the writing is outstanding. 

The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan was everything I imagined it would be: a fun, mythologically-packed adventure. I loved the westernized versions of the Greek gods and goddesses and demi-gods. This is a read for all the people of all the ages. Ps. The movie sucked compared to the book…obvi. 

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J. Maas 

Published: September 1, 2015

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA 

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Pages: 648

Genres: Fantasy, YA, Paranormal

You can read the summary of Queen of Shadows here

This will be short, sweet, and to the point:

The Throne of Glass series is one of the best I’ve read. Ever. The world and character building is top notch. The protagonist is a strong, ass-kicking female and the secondary characters are some of my favorites. 

I can gush for days when it comes to this book but I won’t. I’ll only gush for a few more seconds. READ THESE BOOKS. Please and thanks. I’d never steer you wrong. I squee’d when I found out there will be two more books, that’s how much I love this series. 

If you like books with strong characters, evil baddies, magic, fighting, humor, assassins, and all around badassery then this is a series you’ll devour. 

Jackaby by William Ritter


Published: August 25, 2015
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Author: William Ritter
Genres: Mystery, Fantasy, Historical Fiction

You can read the summary of Jackaby here.

I picked this book up at the urging of my friend Stefani, and when she tells me to read a book, I read the damn book. She didn’t let me down this time, or any time for that matter. You rule, Stefani.

So, the cover of this book says Jackaby is a mix of Sherlock and Buffy. I’m gonna say yay to the Sherlock (Cumberbatch) and nay to the Buffy… it was more Eleven than Buffy. The characters in this novel were FANTASTIC! The banter, the charm, the wit, the… all the things… they were great. Even the ghost was lovely. This historical whodunit with a fantastical, magical twist needs to go on your TBR immediately.

The mystery part of the book is a little easy to figure out BUUUUUTTTTTT (and that’s a huge BUT) it in NO WAY takes away from the enjoyment of the story. The second book, Beastly Bones was released September 22nd and you bet your sweet ass it’s already on my TBR shelf waiting to be devoured.

Bottom line: if you like mystery, Sherlock, magic, funnies, old timey junk, and douche canoes who get what’s coming, then this is your book.

The Kate Daniels Series (1-8) by Ilona Andrews

You can read the summary for Magic Bites here. (This is the first book in the series)

The following is a mega-review-gush-love-fest:

There are currently 8 books in this 10 book series AND I LOVE THEM AAAALLLLLLLLL. My friend Shandra gushed so hard about this series that I felt the flood all the way here in Florida (she’s in California). First let me say that these covers are the worst in the history of all book covers EVER. I never in a billion years would have picked them up on my own accord. Thank goodness my girl knows her books. Thank goodness I trusted her judgment enough to actually pick these up. (Also, thank goodness my Athena sent me the first two for Christmas last year. You rule.) 

This series has everything: magic, shapeshifters, vamps, mercenaries, guilds, paranormal stuffs, sexuals, necessary (and well-placed) cuss words, relationships of all kinds, hilarity for days, and all around badassery. THIS. SERIES. HAS. EVERYTHING.

Ilona Andrews is a husband and wife duo who have created something that I never want to end. Their writing style is like buttah. The world and character building is perfection. Have I mentioned the dialogue? No? Well, then let me just tell you: it’s perfection. It flows, it’s easy, it’s real. 

Normally I don’t have so much word vomit for books with covers that will make you want to vomit (I’m not even exaggerating… the covers feature a model and a lion. They’re a joke), but guys, just this once, don’t judge a book by its cover. I love these books so much. I care about these characters and often discuss them like they’re friends 🙈

I’m a proud pusher of these books and this is me pushing them on all of you *evil smiles* You’re welcome. 

I hope y’all had a great weekend, homies! 

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Published date: May 5, 2015

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

Author: Sarah Dessen

Pages: 417

Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

You can read the summary of Saint Anything here.

So, I’ve been seeing Sarah Dessen’s name everywhere over the last year, but I don’t know why it took me this long to read one of her books. I assumed her subject matter was all lovey and light-hearted. Saint Anything showed me how wrong I was. 

Not only are the characters likable (or despicable, depending) but the situations give you a wide array of feels. I felt spent after some chapters, while others had me bubbly and heart eyes. I loved that.  I think it takes an exceptional author to evoke such emotions. 

Anyway, I finished this book last month and I’m quite behind on reviews. I know I’m leaving out stuff but the gist is: I gave this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I loved it. I haven’t been a teenager in a really long time but this book still resonated. 

*adds Dessen books to Amazon cart* Look away. This part gets messy. GIMME ALL THE BOOKS!!!! 

October Read•a•thon

Hey blogger buddies!!! Do I have something fun to share or what!? Okay, so,  Megan and I are super excited about our upcoming MegaNerderie Creeptober Read•a•thon. I know it’s only mid-September but we want to get the wheels spinning. 

October, as we all know, is ultimately a 30 day build up to the creepiest day of the year. It’s impossible to flip the channels throughout October and NOT see a scary movie. Same goes for us book nerds. It’s impossible to NOT want to read scary books in the month of October. 

Our goal is to gather readers to participate by tagging and sharing their creepy book reads leading up to Halloween. You can read A book or multiple books or no books, but that would be counterproductive. 

We are super excited about this, so be sure to spread the word and join the Creeptober Readathon!

Tell me what you think!!

Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure by Mark C. King


Published date: June 25, 2015
Publisher: Smashwords
Author: Mark C. King
Genres: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Steampunk

You can read the summary of Sigmund Shaw here.

Thank you Mark, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

What do you get when you cross a thieving good guy and an Empire who is about to strike back? {yeah, I went there}. You get Sigmund Shaw and Britain in the late 1800’s. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when Mark approached me about reading his debut book. But once I dug in, I was pleasantly surprised.

This novel had so many kick ass elements. First, it was a period piece…2) Sherlock-y dudes with a love for gadgets? COUNT ME IN!!…c) there’s sneaky plot twists and fighting and dead guys and stuff. You can’t NOT like this story. Plus, there’s a sequel! And we all know how I love sequels.

Story aside, King’s writing is FANTASTIC (to be said like Nine). The first thing I said to myself was, “Self, this guy gives good prose.” The second thing I said to myself was, “Self, so what you kinda figured out what’s gonna happen…this guy gives good prose so keep on readin.” I’m glad Mark found me and asked me to read this, otherwise I would have missed out on Sigmund and his bamfness. I think you guys should give it a go… you’ll enjoy it!!

Hope you have a great Sunday Funday, Homies. Stay tuned for some upcoming October news!

A Cold Legacy by Megan Shepherd {The Madman’s Daughter #3}

IMG_8926 (1)

Published date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Balzer+Bray/HarperCollins
Author: Megan Shepherd
Pages: 400
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Horror

You can read the summary of A Cold Legacy here.

I stumbled upon The Madman’s Daughter about two years ago and instantly fell for this brilliant retelling of the classic horror novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells. Naturally when the second book, Her Dark Curiosity, was published I fell even harder as Shepherd retold Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In A Cold Legacy, there’s another retelling at hand and this time IT’S ALIVE. *points to previous sentence* That’s my lame ass attempt to hint at the classic being retold.

Guys, these are the only retellings to date that I absolutely love. They are the perfect blend of creep and history and love and bravery. This final installment left me wanting to do a reread. What did it NOT leave me with, you ask? Disappointment. I was so beyond pleased with how everything ended. Including the sadness. It all worked, it all came together with a spark and a bang. No fizzles here…except for maybe when that electricity….wait, you know what? Forget what I just said *looks around* Why don’t you read it and see for yourself.

Oh and another thing {and I’m ashamed to say this} I’ve never read the classic that served as inspirations for The Madman’s Daughter trilogy. I know, I know. Consider them added.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

Published date: February 24, 2015

Publisher: Tor Books

Author: V. E. Schwab 

Pages: 400

Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Magic

You can read the summary for A Darker Shade of Magic here

Have you ever picked up a book and thought, “What in the hell have I gotten myself into?” Only to finish said book and think, “How can I ever forget this book?” That’s what happened here. 

Victoria Schwab is a magical genius, weaving this multidimensional world where magic can mean life or death. I loved her world building, turning a city we know into a world we wouldn’t recognize. The characters are clever and sneaky and scary and charming. I loved the prose, the rhythm, the jumping from one POV to the other. I loved the dankness I felt. I loved it all. 

Everything about this book works. I implore you to read ADSoM and wait with me for the sequel to be released. Misery loves company and all that. But seriously, you’ll love this book. We all tend to like the same books, usually. Sometimes.